Facilities Engineering Maintenance Services (FEMS)

Our care for your assets comes from an amalgamation of our experience in adopting international best practices, optimising performance through benchmarking and continuously improving procedures and systems.

  • Asset and Equipment Inventory Management
  • Asset Maintenance Services
  • Civil, Mechanical and Electrical System
  • Energy & Environment Management
  • Fleet & Vehicle Maintenance
  • Ground Maintenance
  • Lightning & Surge Protection System
  • Occupational Safety and Health Management
  • On Premise Road and Drainage System
  • Pest Control
  • Technical Consultancy Services

Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services (BEMS)

Our goal in maintaining biomedical equipment is maximising their availability to our clients, enhancing accuracy in performance, ensuring safety in usage and prolonging its’ lifespan.

  • Structural Asset Management and Inventory Programmes
  • Maintenance Management Information System
  • Equipment Acceptance Testing & Commissioning
  • User Interface & Training
  • Warranty Management
  • Hazardous and Contaminated Devices Handing
  • Lightning & Surge Protection System
  • Occupational Safety and Health Management
  • On Premise Road and Drainage System
  • Pest Control
  • Technical Consultancy Services

Healthcare Waste Management Services (HWMS)

A clean environment is critical to safeguard the health and safety of all patients, staff and visitors. We offer a holistic and efficient operational framework that controls and reduces exposure to sources of infection and health hazards.

  • Waste Collection and Storage
  • Hygienic and Infectious Control Management
  • Spillage Management
  • Incineration and Treatment of Clinical Waste
  • Insert Ash Disposal into Approved Land Fills
  • On-Line and Manual Waste Movement Tracking System

Linen & Laundry Services (LLS)

We understand that an individual’s uniform is an extension of the values, brand and quality of its organization. We take pride in upholding the quality, durability and cleanliness of this symbol. We provide a comprehensive service in line with international standards that ensure the elimination of cross-combination and infection risks

  • Linen Delivery Management
  • Linen Identification
  • Linen Inventory
  • Linen Loss and Condemnation Management
  • Linen Procurement
  • Emergency Requisitions
  • Linen Replacement
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act Adherence
  • Quality Assurance Programme
  • Management Information System
  • Linen Processing Management:
    Operational and Linen Quality Test in Adherence to Guidelines set by United States and Environment Protection Agency Standards

Housekeeping Services (HSK)

Good hospital hygiene at minimal disruption to patients is a vital component to any healthcare provider. We at Edgenta UEMS leverage on technology such as our UETrack™ platform and incorporate the latest cleansing products and methods to ensure the best service quality for our customers.

  • General and Public Area Cleaning
  • Hygienic and Infectious Control Management
  • Cleaning Supplies and Consumables
  • Quality Assurance Programmes
  • Specialised Area Cleaning
  • Spillage Management
  • Systematic and Consistent Cleaning Schedules
  • Waste Collection
  • External Facade Cleaning

Portering Services (PTR)

We are the pioneer service provider in Malaysia with proven methodologies and a strong track record in Singapore and Taiwan. We leverage on technology to improve productivity and efficiency which leads to cost reductions for our clients.

Our technology assigns highly trained porters to manage both patient and non-patient movements; assisting the medical staff in performing administrative and logistical tasks.

  • Patient Movement Within the Healthcare Facility
  • Portering of Documents, Blood Samples and Other Healthcare Related Items
  • Replenishment of Oxygen Cylinders
  • Item Delivery for Repair and Maintenance or Relocation